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Cornish Rex Friends

Dedicated to Rescuing Cornish Rex in Need

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Know of a Cornish Rex in Need?

Cornish Rex Friends was formed by a group of friends working together for rescue and protection of the Cornish Rex breed. The founding group consists of responsible breeders, exhibitors and pet owners that have united to work together for the Cornish Rex breed.

We aim to:

  • Share information and giving assistance with the care of rescued Cornish Rex cats.
  • Share information on food, care and medical treatment.
  • Help with caring for abused Cornish Rex cats.
  • Work as partners with animal shelters and government rescue organizations.

We welcome those with sincere interest in working together as a group to coordinate Cornish Rex cat rescue efforts including placement and fostering. We welcome those interested in providing secure and loving foster homes and those interested in providing secure loving permanent homes.

This group is not an extension of any other Cornish Rex cat organization. We are dedicated to the health, welfare and protection of the Cornish Rex cat breed. We have volunteers nationwide and are based in Southern and Central California.

You are invited to join our Yahoo! Groups lists, please see the links at the bottom of this page. Also, please visit us on

Cornish Rex Friends is a 501(c)(3) public charity; donations may be tax deductible. If you'd like to make a donation via PayPal, our address is For donations via check, please email us.


To be added to our general interest list for future rescues, submit an adoption application.

ADOPTED! Eddie, Los Angeles, CA (updated September 3,  2016)

Eddie, a Red & White Cornish Rex Male

Eddie, in an adorable red and white neutered male approximately 8 years old.  He's exceptionally sweet, playful and affectionate.  He'll do best in a home where he can receive an abundance of attention.  He came to us thin, ill, bald and scared after being removed from a hoarding situation.  He's now on the road to good health, fully coated and eating.


ADOPTED! Fern & Roger, Dallas, TX (updated September 3, 2016)

Fern the Cornish RexFern the Cornish RexFern and Roger are an adorable pair of spayed females being rehomed due to no fault of their own.  We'd prefer to place them together but could also be adopted separately.  Also, we'd prefer to have the potential adopter long-term foster the cats first in order to ensure a perfect match.  The long-term foster would have first option to adopt at a reduced fee.

Fern, the tortoiseshell, will be six years old in July.  Fern loves to sit in laps and greets everyone when they come in the door. She is very in your face, will ride around on your shoulder, gives lots of head buts and has a LOUD purr. She is usually laid back but will run around for a bit a night before winding back down. She does well with children, loves dogs and all people.  If she is placed separately she needs to be the only cat as she is an alpha.

Roger the (Female) Cornish RexRoger the (Female) Cornish RexRoger, the black and white bi-color, will be five in July. She is a talker and demands attention.  She is extremely affectionate, outgoing and in-your-face.  Playful, she runs around with toys in her mouth. Roger loves to lay in your lap or cuddled up next to you. She prefers not to be picked up and carried but will tolerate it. She is great with older children, loves all people but has to warm up to dogs and other cats.
We have two Yahoo! Groups, CornishRexFriends, our rescue-focused list; CornishRxBC, our everything else list: stories, pictures, health and behavior discussions, litter announcements, etc.