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January 18, 2015: New Cats Available; The 2015 Calendar is Here!


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Cornish Rex Friends was formed by a group of friends working together for rescue and protection of the Cornish Rex breed. The founding group consists of responsible breeders, exhibitors and pet owners that have united to work together for the Cornish Rex breed.

We aim to:

  • Share information and giving assistance with the care of rescued Cornish Rex cats.
  • Share information on food, care and medical treatment.
  • Help with caring for abused Cornish Rex cats.
  • Work as partners with animal shelters and government rescue organizations.

We welcome those with sincere interest in working together as a group to coordinate Cornish Rex cat rescue efforts including placement and fostering. We welcome those interested in providing secure and loving foster homes and those interested in providing secure loving permanent homes.

This group is not an extension of any other Cornish Rex cat organization. We are dedicated to the health, welfare and protection of the Cornish Rex cat breed. We have volunteers nationwide and are based in Southern and Central California.

You are invited to join our Yahoo! Groups lists, please see the links at the bottom of this page. Also, please visit us on

Cornish Rex Friends is a 501(c)(3) public charity; donations may be tax deductible. If you'd like to make a donation via PayPal, our address is For donations via check, please email us.



PANCAKE & BOUJIE, Leesburg, VA (updated January 18, 2015)

Pancake, Up for Adoption in VA

Boujie (blue-cream) and Pancake (pointed) are a bonded pair that are to be placed together. They are being rehomed due to changes in the family and no fault of the cats. Boujie is 11 and Pancake is 5. Both girls are spayed and in general good health.

Boujie, Up for Adoption in VA

Pancake is a little over 5 years old and is pointed. She is extremely friendly, loves to cuddle, purr in your ear and nibble your hair. She is very gentle and does not like loud noises. Pancake has always had a high white blood cell count, but no other medical issues.

Boujie is 11 years old and a blue cream. She is also a cuddler, but on her own time. She loves to explore and will try to escape given half a chance. All outside doors must always be kept closed, she can disappear faster than you blink. Boujie has had bad dental issues and has had many teeth pulled, so eats wet food or dry food moistened with water. She also has a grade 3 heart murmur, which has caused no medical problems, but is good to let a doctor know should she go under anesthesia.

Both cats love to snuggle and are very verbal when locked away from their humans or one another. Both are very good with children, even little ones. No litter box accidents, both are well trained. Both are up to date with vaccinations and blood work.

Boujie and Pancake are being rehomed directly by their person Dina. For more information about them email her at She could help transport them 6-8 hours' driving distance from Leesburg, VA.

WILLOW, San Francisco Bay Area (updated January 18, 2015)

Yoda in Need of Foster Home

Yoda, now renamed Willow to better suit her personality, is now in a foster home. She's an an adorable calico that turned into the humane society. Her foster family is giving her the TLC and vet care she needs. She'll be ready for adoption soon.

Please email Lisa at if you would like more information.





To be added to our general interest list for future rescues, submit an adoption application.

We have two Yahoo! Groups, CornishRexFriends, our rescue-focused list; CornishRxBC, our everything else list: stories, pictures, health and behavior discussions, litter announcements, etc.