Cornish Rex Friends at the Rainbow Bridge

Here are our some of our rescues that have passed on after being much loved in their foster homes and adoptive forever homes.

In Memorium

Donations to Cornish Rex Friends have been made in the names of the following special Cornish Rex that have passed away:

Zephyr, a very special boy who made a big impact during his short life.

Yashi, a rescue placed by CRF; is dearly missed along with his brother Wiggly.

Krinkle, his purr was loud as a lion's roar

Diva, beloved Cornish Rex of Rebecca Cobb

Kare, an adorable, playful, lovable boy


Wiggly, a rescue placed by CRF, he was full of personality and is dearly missed along with his brother Yashi.

Padme & Gabe, two very special family members whom are much missed



Jack, a special boy too sweet for words

Jack the Cornish Rex

Sweet Jane, a very dear rescued girl

Sweet Jane, RIP

Audie, an adorable boy taken way to young


Pax, a 15 yr old boy

Praline & Spyder, relaxing in their favorite warm spots (2 donations)

Blueberry, a 17 yr old girl

Dr. K, an 18 yr old boy

Other Thanks

Cornish Rex

Hoover (CA) Hoover in Los AngelesA blue male with a huge personality. He quickly made friends with his new family's children and service dog. He sat in a chair at the dinner table and was extremely photogenic.
Zuki (RIP)Zuki (WA) a very intelligent and playful girl. She was loved and spoiled to the end of her 21 years. Tasha, RIPTasha (OR) Tasha, a sweet, snuggly girl whom was treasured during her short time with her adoptive family.

Wiggly the Cornish Rex

Wiggly (pictured) & Yashi (CA)

Elvis in New York CityElvis (NY)"Mr. Personality" affectionate, loved to have his head rubbed, butt heads and was vocal when he was trying to tell you something.
Luna the Cornish Rex
Luna (OR) An extremely loving ten-year-old blue male in Portland, OR.
CharlieCaddie & Charlie (pictured) (OR) Caddie & Charlie were one of Cornish Rex Friends' first placements. This sibling pair had a great, long, much-loved life with their adoptive family.  The family later adopted
Sammy, a loving, active boy that was much loved by his family.
Baxter (KY), a sweet male who was a valued member of his adoptive family.
Moe, a Rescued Cornish RexMoe (CA), a sweet boy adopted after age 10 and spent several years being well-loved in his adoptive home.
Sugar the SphynxSugar, a spunky, spirited Sphynx.
Jack (CA), a handsome fella with soulful aqua eyes; he was a best friend to his Sphynx pal Murphy (also RIP).

Maverick Rescued Cornish Rex, RIPMaverick (CA), a very active boy that was protective of his favorite human.

Buzzy the Cornish RexBuzzy (CA), an energetic, affectionate girl that was full of personality. Chaos the Cornish RexChaos aka Pinkie (CA), a 14-year-old boy flame point and white boy packed with personality.  He was dumped at a kill shelter, we were able to pull him out in the nick of time.  He passed away at 22, after several years of being the king of his adopted castle.  

Calamity Jane, a deaf bi-color girl that was very open and loving.  She came to us from a shelter and was never able to recover from multiple illnesses. 

Tina, an adorably sweet girl that demanded to have her daily belly rub. 

Rex, a boy that kept his human that has MS company.

Peanut, a very outgoing boy that was full of energy.  When it was time to relax, he loved to be petted.
ElsieElsie,  this beautiful, friendly cat settled into her new family wonderfully.  She loved sleeping on pillows and took a liking to napping in a pile a stuffed animals; particularly on a giant gorilla's lap!
Curioso, a sweet and mischievous boy.
Kumba,  an older boy that was left at a shelter due to his owner's move.  Cornish Rex Friends took him out of the shelter where he spent his last few weeks in a loving foster home.
Lady Noxzema Jackson & Lady Vida Boehm, tortoiseshell sisters that well complimented each other.  Lady Vida Boehm passed away.
Cujo Rex, was an extremely an energetic gal that enjoyed hanging out on top of doors, drinking visitors' coffee and other hijinks.  She had a huge personality and her passing leaves a large hole in her family.  She's pictured in her specially built "tree house".
KitKat,  a funny, affectionate, vocal and generally adorable girl.  She passed away after spending several months in her long-term foster home.
Zeke, an affectionate, smart and sweet flame point and white boy.
T-Rex, a very special red tabby boy.  His sister Cleo, a tortie, is pictured with him.  A real "Mr. Personality", T-Rex charmed all that met him.  His person, his sister and his family miss him dearly.
Merlin, a sweet and adorable boy the succumbed to inoperable cancer.  He was a real trooper all the way through, always kind and full of love. 

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