Cornish Rex Friends' Placements

Here are a few of the Cornish Rex cats our group has placed (updated September 14, 2019

Ebony & Ivory (Minnesota) 

Ebony and Ivory are an incredibly sweet bonded pair of females.

Jasper (Southern California) A super-sweet, sensitive, approximately 12 year-old flame points & white male.

Sally Mist LucySally, Mist & Lucy (Tucson, AZ) An adorable bonded trio

Bobcat (San Francisco) Bobcat in San FranciscoA handsome nine-year-old black smoke male
Irwin the Cornish RexMogo the Cornish RexIrwin & Mogo (MN) Active, affectionate and playful pair of five-year-old brothers.

Mickey in PhoenixMickey (AZ) Super adorable, affectionate male in Phoenix.
Johnny Beige (MN) Johnny BeigeAn affectionate, talkative boy.

Stashie & Mokie (KY) playful pair of five-year-old brothers. A pair of playful, loving males.Stashie & Mokie

Mokie the Cornish Rex
Ming (CA) Ming the Cornish RexA older female whom is now cuddling with another older Cornish Rex lady in her new family.
HarryHarry (CA) A boy so active and affectionate, it is difficult to get a picture of him!
Cornish Rex for Adoption: Tasha & BrankenTasha (RIP) & Braken (OR) Bracken is an extremely sweet, eight-year-old with a big personality. Tasha, was blind in one eye, but that didn't hold her back. They happily settled in with the other Cornish Rex in their new family. Cornish Rex for Adoption: Lily & DaphneLily & Daphne (OR) a bonded pair of sweet, affectionate, two-year-old sisters. Daphne is deaf.
Abraham the Cornish RexAbraham (AZ), a 1 year old boy in Phoenix.  He enjoys playing, cuddling and making friends with people. CarsonEvitaCarson & Evita (CA) an adorable bonded pair. Carson was a very special boy with a huge personality.  He's since passed away.
Dinky & Dolly (CA) are sweet solid red Devon Rex.  They have wonderfully curly Devon coats with adorable elfin tufts of fur on their ears.  inky is the adventurous one, surveying the area and exploring every nook and cranny.  Dolly is a bit more reserved, but is friendly.
Ming & QueenMing & Queen, a very sweet bonded pair.  Queen is outgoing, while Ming is a laid-back super-sweetheart.

Shelby, a cute, sassy 9 year old tortoiseshell and white female that is super-friendly and affectionate.

Bessie (TX), a spirited, affectionate young lady that likes to jump onto shoulders.

Binx, loves to curl up next to you while you are sleeping and loves to be petted.

Sophia Sophia, a girl that loves to nap with her humans.

Laird in the MiddleBen & Laird (FL), young, friendly boys that make fast friends.

Mowgli & Dickens, were reunited with their original people that had lost track of them. Raul & Che (TX), young boys that lost their person to cancer.  They got along well with everyone, family members and visiting friends.  Raul has since passed away, his family and Che miss him terribly.
Minkus (MA), A very handsome blue and white bi-color who is a real lover. Athena, a super-sweet girl in Dallas is now enjoying her new life in Boise.
Phygment Phygment (MI), an adorable young male in Michigan. Brown the Cornish RexBrown (GA), a very active boy that is always busy playing, exploring or just plain running around.
Safari Safari (CA), a super-outgoing young Devon Rex whom was found wandering the streets of South-Central Los Angeles.
Arthur (on the right) (CA), a young boy that loves to cuddle.  He now lives in San Diego with his new pal Ashton. Zamboni & Tortellini (WA), an affectionate duo that now enjoy lounging by the fireplace in their new home.  They are excellent lap buddies and knee perchers!
Cora & Rex, sweet two year olds; she's a cuddler and he's a lover boy and a scamp! Callie & Ella Rose (OK), a mother-daughter bonded pair.  Their elderly owner could no longer take care of them.  They are now in their forever home in Oklahoma.
Seymour (CA), a 1 1/2 year old boy that loves to be cradled like a baby.  An affectionate, talkative young man, he also loves to jump around and play with toys.  Tzar (CA), an affectionate, handsome gentleman; he now makes his home in San Francisco.